Teaching & Assessment

One of the principle objectives of the course is to train managers and entrepreneurs capable of tackling ever changing and challenging circumstances. The emphasis is on helping develop- a rational and lucid prescience, flexible and competent business strategies and the ability to execute the same through effective leadership. The course's curriculum integrates theoretical and practical components of study using industry insights as a key input.

Students can expect 40 hours of teaching per week on Weekdays including tutorials. However, certain workshops and guest lectures are usually scheduled for Saturdays.

Students have many opportunities to extend their learning beyond the classroom and complement their academic studies at SGGSCC. The teachers remain available to students at all times. They are always ready to mentor, guide and help the students. Special lectures (by industry experts), workshops (to enhance skill developments, academic writing and critical thinking) and interactive discussions, are a continuous feature of the department.

Feedback through assessment is an essential part of the teaching and learning experience at SGGSCC. It is done thoroughly and carefully to help students achieve their full potential. For rules regarding Assessments, please refer to the prospectus.


To get a personalised access, Students have to be registered with the SmartProf app used by the college. All the students are given registration details at the time of admission itself. For any other requests regarding the same, the students can mail to helpdesk@sggscc.ac.in