Journal of Business Thought

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Past Issue : Volume-4 (2013-2014)
India, Foreign Direct Investment and the Global Economy - A Note Ajit Singh
Psychology of Cool: Meaning and Marketing Harsh V. Verma
Determinants of Capital Structure for Finns in
India: An Econometric Analysis
Sirnrit Kaur
and Saurabh Mithal
Exchange Rate Pass-Through in India’s ExportPrices Anti Satyal
Paradigm Paranoia or Mission Drift? Lessons from Micro finance Crisis in India Anand Saxena
and Ashish Taru Deb
Operational Aspects of E-Commerce in Manufacturing Companies of India Lata Sharma
and Ranjan Porwal
Accelerated Internationalisation: Drivers of the Bom Global Firm Ravneet Kaur Chawla
and Mohit Gupta
Mutual Fund Portfolios Successive Return Performance on the Basis of Downside Risk Measures: An Empirical Study of Selected Equity D ivers ified Mutual Funds Sumati Varma
Abstracts of Doctoral Dissertations
Common Property Resources as a Safety Net for the Poor: A Case Study of West Bengal
Dolly Menon
Evaluation of Integrated Program on Nutrition and Health: Estimates and Evidence from ICDS Deepali Sharma
Book Review
Information Sources, Services and Systems by Gurdev Singh
C.P. Vashishtha