General Rules


In order to be eligible to appear at a university examination every student has to attend two third of the total number of lectures delivered at the college or the university in all subjects as also in tutorials / preceptorials / practicals, as the case may be, taken separately in each academic year. Attendance for tutorials / preceptorials will be given only when a student submits a written assignment. The students who join the course late will not be given any concession in the attendance. He/She is advised to be extremely regular to make up the deficiency because of late admission. Name of those who remain continuously absent from classes for ten days without valid reason, shall be struck off the college rolls. Re-admission is not a matter of right.

Leave of Absence on Account of Sickness/Hospitalization

Application for leave of absence due to sickness/hospitalization must be supported by a Medical and Fitness Certificate (from a Registered Medical Practitioner) which should reach the principal within a week of the student rejoining the college, on the expiry of the leave. Medical and fitness certificates received thereafter, shall not be entertained. All leave applications must clearly have the class, roll number, name and subjects taken as well as the name of the teachers taking those subjects / papers.

Internal Assessment

Scheme of internal assessment has become applicable since the academic session 2003-2004. 25% of the maximum marks in each paper in undergraduate course is assigned to internal assessment and the remaining 75% to the annual/semester university examination.


Such students, who have been guilty of use of unfair means in the course of university Examination or have run short of attendance, are not allowed to be re-admitted to any course.