Financial Assistance/Scholarship

Our college provides fee concessions to the financially weak students and scholarships on the basis of academic excellence.

In order to motivate and appreciate the efforts of the academic toppers, our college presently offers the following scholarships:-

  1. Scholarships for 1st position holders of B.A (Hons) Economics and B.Com (H) sponsored by Prof. S.S. Gulshan, founder principal of the college.
  2. Scholarship for 1st position holders of B.Com (Hons) 2nd year sponsored by M/s Sultan Chand.
  3. Scholarship for Political Science paper for the first position holder of B.Com (Hons) 2nd year sponsored by wife of Late Prof. Sankhdar in his memory.
  4. Tejaswi/Tejaswini scholarship sponsored by Dr. Usha Aggarwal for 1st position holder of B.Com (Prog) 1st year and 2nd year (Score above 70%).
  5. Sultan Chand Trust scholarship for each semester topper of B.Com (Hons), 1st year, Rs. 2500/-.

The college aptly recognizes the academic & Sports achievements of the deserving students by providing them fee waiver benefit and suitable scholarships.